HEKHAL was created by five like-minded people whose combined academic interests lie in the area of Ancient Near Eastern history and historiography, biblical studies, and archaeology.  Hekhal was  designed with the long-term aim of increasing both academic and public understanding of the world and texts of the Ancient Near East.

HEKHAL aims to do this through the organisation of events including conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops, web resources and the publication of annual conference proceedings.  Although we are “The Irish Society for the Study of the Ancient Near East”, we are by no means restricting our membership or participation in the society to those residing in Ireland.  If you’re out there and interested, you’re more than welcome to join us and participate in all events.


HEKHAL is sad to note the passing of one of its founder members and supporters, Seán Freyne.

Seán was Director of the Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies, Dublin, he was Emeritus Professor of Theology in the school of Religions and Theology at Trinity College.  He was, of course, a scholar of global renown, and a true polymath, and a kind and compassionate person.

Seán was an inspiration to many of us who have been involved in and fascinated by biblical history, and for those of us whom he taught, he was an avuncular figure.

Rest in peace, Seán, you will be missed.


All upcoming events will be announced on this website.